If you have a small closet space overrun with clothes, shoes, toys or other items and looking to make it stay organized and clutter-free, then read on to learn about a few simple tricks that will help transform your chaotic closet into a luxurious one.

In case if you don’t have enough storage space at your home or if you live in a home with limited space,storage of your belongings can be a problem.As a result, you will have to buy small furniture to fit into your home space.This is a common issue which most of the apartment owners face.However you can easily rent self storage space if you have extra items that are worth keeping but no proper space at home.Anyway,be sure to use self storage space for the goods that you don’t need daily.

In below tips,we specifically talk about how to organize your small closet to store more items.

7 Best Storage & Organization Tips for Small Closets

Place Items in Keep, Donate and Toss Piles

One of the effective ways to sift through small storage spaces is the Keep-Donate-Toss method. Create three piles in your closet: one for items you will keep, one for items to donate, and one for those to throw away. If a piece of clothing is comfortable, in good shape, and you love to use on regular basis, keep it. If you don’t wear it often or it doesn’t fit you well, donate it for someone else to use. Finally, if you have not used it in over a year (or cannot possibly reuse) or it has lots of damage, it’s time to toss it and let your closet breathe.

Put Anything Out-Of-Season Away

If you don’t wear light layers in the winter, set them aside for the season. Replacing the seasonal wardrobes will help keep your closet fresh and you’ll be more aware of what things you need to keep, throw away, or donate. Keep anything out of season in your under-bed drawers or in vacuum storage bags. This way, your clothing and accessories will stay easily accessible and safe while decluttering your closet. Closet organization is a part of decluttering your bedroom.

Use Specialized Hangers

Investing in quality, special purpose hangers will keep your closet neater and prevent your clothes from sliding on and off or getting wrinkled. Consider grippy velvet hangers which keep your clothes wrinkle-free and hold them stay on hangers, no slipping off. If you have a stash of items like scarves, belts, or long ties, look for some specialized hangers with several branches to carry your entire collection. You can even find hangers that work perfectly for holding multiple pieces, such as pant hangers which are good for keeping your tall winter boots clean and above the ground level.

Add Extra Hooks

If there isn’t enough space in your closet to add additional drawers, rails, or other storage options, look for hooks which can be installed back or outside of your closet, allowing you to hang your unwanted pieces and make room for the ones you can use all around the year. For example, you can consider buying stick-on hooks that apply instantly without damaging the walls. Stick-on hooks also make an ideal choice for dorm residents or renters.

Try Portable Storage Organizers

Portable storage boxes or organizers offer easy storage options for items you may not be using every day. Hanging organizers and bins are great for such things as baby clothes, toys, and craft supplies. By using stackable organizers, not only will you have more room but this will also keep your closet tidy.

Use Every Available Surface

A small closet should not only use specialized hangers, hooks or storage boxes to be organized, but it should also utilize every surface available like on doors, walls, and ceilings. Therefore, try not to leave any empty space and hang items on the closet door – inside or outside, on walls inside your closet, or above shelves.

Opt for a Small Closet System

Installing a small closet system is one of the quickest ways to improve or make the organization incredibly easy in any closet. Closet systems come in various materials, sizes, and shelving layouts to optimize storage space and organize everything from apparel to shoes and belts. So, say goodbye to your cluttered closet by considering a complete closet system. You can shop at Overstock.com to find great bargain prices on these closet organizers, closet systems or any other storage and organization accessories you need for your small closet. And when shopping on Overstock.com, don’t forget to apply an Overstock promo code – which you can find at CatchPromos.com – to save more money on your purchase.

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