Having a well maintained and lush looking garden is a dream for every home owner. However to maintain your lawn in tip top condition, you want to pay more attention to soil condition, weeds and fertilizers. Other than that you also need to maintain your lawn by cutting the edges to make it more attractive.

While it is not that difficult to maintain a healthy lawn, you need to maintain the grass in your lawn regularly to keep the grass look lush, green and natural. In order to maintain your lawn, it is essential to know the important lawn care tips. Below are some of the things that you have to follow in order to maintain a beautiful lawn which attracts everyone. With these tips, lawn care will not be difficult for you!

5 Best Tips to maintain a Healthy Lawn

1. Test your soil

If you are serious with your lawn care, then start with soil testing. If you know what type of soil you have in your garden, you can easily select grasses that grow in such soil conditions. Other than that you can add fertilizer and nutrients to keep your soil in healthy condition that is good for grass to grow.

2. Remove the Weeds

5 Best Tips to maintain a Healthy Lawn

You need to prevent weeds from growing in your lawn. You can easily pull weeds and remove manually if there are no many weeds grown. However, if you don’t maintain properly, then the weeds in the lawn can easily grow fast and spread over the lawn in short period of time. If your lawn is heavily attacked by weed plants, then you may need to consider applying weed killers or get professional service for weed controlling.

3. Water your lawn regularly

In hot weather, it is important to water your lawn regularly to keep the soil moisture level. In other days, consider using sprinkler to water your lawn properly. This will help your grass to grow healthy.

4. Fill the bare patches of the lawn

5 Best Tips to maintain a Healthy Lawn
Bare patches will kill the look of your lawn.

If there are bare patches in your lawn, make sure to fill those patches with grass. For this you can use grass from the edges of the lawn at the time you reshape it. It is wise to grow these grasses in a seed tray before using to fill the bare patches. Other than that, you can also spread grass seeds in bare areas to cover the patches.

5. Mow Grass Appropriately

5 Best Tips to maintain a Healthy Lawn

It is necessary to mow your lawn to maintain the height of grass. It is essential to cut your grass at least once a week to keep it in an appealing and inviting look. When you mow your grass, remember to cut the edges too. Regular mowing will also help your grass to grow healthy by spreading the roots. This will also avoid weeds from growing over the lawn.

Above are some of the best tips that you need to follow in order to maintain a healthy and lush looking lawn. When you have a beautiful and well maintained lawn, it will sure add value to your home!


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