You just might be wondering what deep seating chairs really are and where you would use them.  Let us answer those questions for you.  We are sure you have seen some of these comfortable chairs and sofas.   The style of deep seating furniture is more relaxed.  The seats are set lower to the floor.  Cushions will be 3 or 4 inches thick to supply ample comfort.

Deep seating chairs are large with a greater depth for you to settle back in to.  The chairs won’t be straight back upright; instead they will have a gentle, comfy angle to the back.  This type of seating is great for patio lounge furniture or sofas and loveseats in an informal living room or den.


Deep seating chairs and other teak furniture

When looking for teak chairs you will find that many are deep seating chairs.  The look of the wood frame helps make the larger size seat fit right in.  When you choose to use deep seating chairs you will want to be sure that any end tables, coffee tables or other items you will be using with them fits well.  A table that is too small will not look right.

Deep seating can be used in making teak benches.  These benches are amazingly comfortable to sit on.   Lutyen benches have a distinct styling which you might consider more formal.  Benches come in a variety of lengths to be sure that you can fit a bench into any area you would like to.  Mutt style benches are less formal and more rugged looking.  They fit perfectly on a cabin porch or in a garden.  Most are made from teak wood that has been recycled.  Teak wood is so valuable that most of it is never disposed of.  Instead it is repurposed.  Mutt style benches are found in retired railway sleeper cars in Indonesia or are made using old electrical poles and exterior wood siding.  They may be “mutts” but they are solid and strong and built to use for another 100 years.  And like most “mutts” you will fall in love with one at first site.

If you want to be able to stretch out don’t forget about matching teak wood foot stools.  There are also Steamer Lounge Chairs which are the like a chaise lounge chair, only more sturdy and longer lasting.  Add some cushions to these chairs and you will be set for a nap every Sunday afternoon in the summer.

If you are looking for something with a little more custom styling look at Teak Closeout’s table and chair sets.  The selection is amazing and at times very original.  Consider the sets made with teak tree roots if you are looking for something different.  You will see practical casual sets with round, rectangular or square tables.  Check out the teak table tops and pick one that interests you.  Most table and chair sets will look wonderful in a modern dining room.  Some sets even feature stools instead of chairs.  A few sets have folding chairs for easier storage when not in use.  There are even a few tables that extend with a center board if you need to change the size of your table to accommodate a larger crowd at times.






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