A planter box adds beauty to any small garden. Even if your garden is small and with completed paved area, don’t worry. Still, you can have a herb garden,vegetable garden or any of your favorite plants grown in a planter box. You will be happy to hear that making your own DIY planter box is really easier than you think. Only you need are the planter box plans, wood and small tools for creating the DIY planter box. Finally, this would be a great idea to enjoy garden look in any small or even concrete paved garden area.

DIY Planter box

DIY Planter box for any small garden

To create your planter box, you need to follow few steps. First you need a good plan for planter box. I found some plans for DIY planter box in www.construct101.com.You can download some planter box plans free.

Then you need to buy the material list and tools. For tools, you don’t have to buy lot of tools; a table saw would be fine in most cases.

Once all the materials are gathered, it is time to build your DIY planter box following the plan.

Finally, you need soil to fill the planter and seeds or new plants to grow.

After few days of watering and fertilizing, you’ll have a beautiful planter box in your small garden.

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