Without any doubt automatic garage doors are helpful for home owners. It’s really convenient and time saving. However you have to take care of your garage door to keep it in good condition in order to avoid possible hazards. Don’t forget that your garage door is one of the heaviest objects in your home. When it is in operation, it is moving. Therefore regular maintenance is necessary for your garage door. It is always recommended to install a high quality door from a well reputed garage door supplier such as NDC Garage Doors . Other than that you can refer to below garage door safety tips to prevent any hazard.

Garage door safety tips

Inspect visually

Make it a habit to check your garage door monthly. Check the door and all the parts visually to identify any signs of wear and tear or signs of non-functioning parts. This visual inspection may allow you to find any necessary repairs for your garage door.

Make sure the safety sensors are working fine

Proper working safety sensors are important for any garage door to function properly. These safety sensors are attached to the rails of the garage door. If the sensors function properly, the door should stop when there is an obstruction during its closure. To test the safety sensors, below are the steps to follow.

Garage door safety tips

1.Start closing the garage door by pushing the relevant control button.

2. Place a broom or such object near the sensors during the door closure.

3.Check the door’s functioning after placing the broom.

4.Door should stop and reverse.

If the door stops and reverses, then the safety sensors function properly. If you find any issue with the safety sensor functioning, it is time to call a garage door specialist in your area. A garage door specialist can inspect and repair the sensors if necessary.

Watch your fingers

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Watch the fingers! It is important when you deal with your garage door. If you find any issue with the garage door and if you are not sure on how to fix it then don’t try to do it by yourself. Call a garage door specialist for inspection. They will do the rest.

Above are the most important garage door safety tips that you must know.Be sure to inspect your garage door periodically.Always hire a well experienced garage door specialist for repair and maintenance including new garage door installations.

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