Well, here is our guide on cactus growing. Are you in love with these ridiculously strong plants which can survive with little or no care? If so, this article on Cactus growing tips is for you. Don’t worry; you don’t have to spend more time to take care of your cactus plants. But, you still need to pay attention on its needs in order to keep a beautiful cactus collection ranging from Christmas cactus to moon cactus to Barrel Cactus. Do you know that there are many different cactus types which you can grow in booth indoor and outdoor? Anyway if you are a cactus lover then don’t miss these cool cactus gift ideas too which you can choose as unique gifts to create special memories for your friends.

How to Care for Cacti

Here are the cacti growing tips that you shouldn’t ignore for any reason if you need to own a healthy cacti collection!

1. Watering is important

Watering is one of the important thing to do with care if you want to keep your cactus in good condition. Most cactus lovers think that these plants do not need much water. As a result such plants will suffer from under watering. It is same when you don’t know the water requirements of cactus. You will end up over watering until the plants die! Therefore be sure to understand the growing pattern of cactus and its water demands. When you know the seasonal water needs for cactus, you will not over water or under water the plants.

2. Don’t ignore the Potting medium and type of pot

How to Care for Cacti

Same as watering, it is also necessary to consider the potting medium when you grow cactus. Usually cactus doesn’t like much water. Therefore, be sure to use a potting medium that helps drainage of excess water. Also don’t forget to choose appropriate container to pot your plants with attention to its size and weight. Most of the cactus are small in size but some cactus are taller and heavier. If you plant some heavy cactus, then be sure to use pots that can hold the plant without falling.

3. Position it in proper place

Cactus plants like light. Although cactus are grown in indoor it is mostly an outdoor plant that prefer sunlight and air. However heavy sunlight and extreme wind conditions can damage the plant with scars. Therefore be sure to allow enough light that is not too harsh or too little in order to grow your cactus in healthy way.

Above are some of the important tips that you need to know when taking care of cactus. Well grown Cactus plants are attractive and beautiful. Therefore pay more attention on keeping your cactus in proper place with enough light and enough water to enjoy its beautiful views.

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