LED downlights are so much popular nowadays simply because of the benefits on energy savings and due to the beautiful additions for the interior views. However, with so many design ranges available, you need to know how to select the best LED downlights for your home or office space that gives the most of the benefits.

Don’t forget the benefits of LED downlights when you choose those. Other than energy savings, you will rarely change the bulbs. Because LED light bulbs has the life span of over 20 years!

Anyway, how to choose the right LED downlights for your home? Here are the things to check.

How to choose the right LED downlight


Energy efficiency is one of the benefits of LED lights. So, you need to consider the wattage of LED downlights before you buy. If you cannot find the details of wattage, You can always contact the supplier and get his recommendations for the energy saving LED downlights.

Dim downlights or Full Strength

Depending on the location you need to install LED downlights, you need to consider dim lights or full strength downlights. First, you may need to decide the purpose of the downlights and the location for installing. Once decide those factors, check the specifications for the details of switches.

How to choose the right LED downlight

Consider the Lumens and Lumens per Watt

Lumens is another measurement for consider before you select the downlights. As Lumens per watt is based on the things such as brand, fitting and LED chip, you need to read the specification carefully before you buy.

Other factors

Other than the mentioned things above, there are other things to check before you choose the LED downlights. These include Angle of Beam and factors such as Warm or Cool White.

Once you check all these, it is always easy to select the right LED downlights for your home or office space!

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