How to Deep Clean the Kitchen?Are you looking for such cleaning tips as part of your spring cleaning?Then here are some kitchen cleaning tips to use for a hard cleaning. You can do such hard kitchen cleaning once a year or twice a year. Most house owners like to do such hard cleaning once a year as part of their spring cleaning process. Below I gathered easy steps to clean your kitchen. Follow these steps as a kitchen deep cleaning checklist or as a way to clean your kitchen that shine your entire home.

How to Deep Clean the Kitchen

However spring cleaning in the kitchen is probably the hardest task of all. As many call it, kitchen is the heart of the home. It certainly deserves some extra love and care when cleaning time rolls around. Well without more talking, here are some great tips that can help you get your kitchen clean and organized.

How to start your kitchen cleaning?

Start from the top and work down, to keep from having to clean the same areas over again. If you wipe out the cabinets after scrubbing the countertops, you will probably have to clean the counters again.

If you have areas around the stove that have grease build up, spray them down and let it sit while working on other projects. This will cut the time it takes to scrub off the set in grease significantly.

Clean the cobwebs and dust

How to Deep Clean the Kitchen

Start by cleaning the cobwebs and dust that has collected on the walls over the time. As you are dusting, decide if the walls need a thorough scrub down, a quick wipe, or just a spot cleaning. if the walls seem to be in good shape you only need to wipe and remove the dust to make the walls clean.

Clean the cabinet tops & other things at top areas

Wipe the tops of the cabinets and higher shelves next. Declutter the top of the refrigerator while you have the step-stool out for cleaning the tops of the kitchen cabinets.   Also, while the step-stool or ladder is out, take down the curtains or blinds and clean them or replace them, if necessary. If you have a ceiling fan in your kitchen, now would be a prime time to clean the dust and polish the metal fixtures.

Clean your windows and screens

While your window treatments are out of the way, clean your windows and screens. Make sure to do both the inside and outside, to keep the room feeling bright and cheerful. Leave the windows open once the screens have been replaced, to let some fresh air in and the fumes of the cleaning products out.

How to Deep Clean the Kitchen

Clean the fridge

Next turn is to clean the fridge. Hit the fridge next, taking everything out of both the refrigerator and freezer. Throw away expired food, almost empty items, and anything that looks as if it has taken on a life of its own. In the freezer, trash anything that might be past its expiration date or has developed freezer burn. Get the trash bag full of food outside and in a sealed garbage can. This will keep the smells out of your house and the local wildlife from having a buffet in your yard.

Remove the shelves from the refrigerator and wash them well. Take out the meat and vegetable drawers and give them a good soak, as well. Defrost the freezer if needed and wipe out the inside of both the fridge and freezer. Before replacing the shelves and drawers, pull the refrigerator out, unplug it and vacuum the coils. Clean up the dirt and grime underneath and get the “hidden treasures” from under and behind the fridge. Give your fridge a thorough cleaning which can last till your next hard cleaning routine.

Clean your oven

With the fresh air flowing through the windows, this is a great time to use oven cleaner. Spray a oven cleaning solution on and let it sit while you tackle another task. Those with self-cleaning ovens might want to run their cycle the night before a spring cleaning to keep from heating the kitchen up too much and making themselves uncomfortable.

To get rid of hard burns or stains on your baking trays, you can use a mix of vinegar and baking soda. Check how I make natural all purpose cleaner for an inspiration!

How to Deep Clean the Kitchen

Clean the cabinets

While the oven cleaner is doing its job, start tackling the cabinets. Again, working from the top down, remove everything from the kitchen cabinets and wipe out the shelves thoroughly to remove any dust. Before putting anything away, look for any broken items or things that haven’t been used in years. If you think you will never need it again, throw it out or put it in a box to be donated. Wipe down the fronts of the cabinets to remove dust and drips from spills.

When cleaning out the cabinets, you will likely come across storage containers and lids that have become separated. Collect these lids and storage containers which are missing any of the part. Keep those off to the side until your clean-up is complete. Once you have finished cleaning and there is still no match for some of your food storage pieces, throw them away. Well sometimes you may think of finding its other part. But most of the times these mysterious missing pieces will likely never reappear. It is best to throw such items away in order to keep your kitchen organized for the next year. This will also help to declutter your home.

If you are a crafty person, you can use some of such storage containers as materials for your next DIY craft. If you decide such things, allocate a proper place and store the items nicely until you can use those.

Sort your dishes, glasses, and cookware

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Once the cabinets have been wiped out, sort your dishes, glasses, and cookware by its usage level. Replace the cabinet liners if necessary. Put the things that are used most often on easily accessible shelves. Things that are used more rarely can be placed on the top shelves, toward the back of your lower cabinets, or stored elsewhere until they are needed.

Clean the stove

By now the oven cleaner should have done its job, so it’s time to tackle the stove. Follow the directions on the cleaner that you used and don’t forget about the oven racks and broiler drawer, if you have one.

Deep Clean the Kitchen

Remove the burners on your stove top, if possible.  clean the stovetop and drip pans thoroughly. If the stovetop lifts up, wipe underneath to get all of the bits of food that have fallen through. Check the manufacturer’s directions before removing parts of the stove to be on the safe side.

Final steps

Until now we have done most of the cleaning. Now it is time to organize everything and do a final cleaning. Grab the trashcan and head to the pantry. Sort through the boxes and cans, checking for expired food, opened jar and boxes that may not be fresh any longer. Sort the items that you will likely never use. Throw away the outdated food and opened, expired items. Box up the things you won’t use to send to the local food bank if it is possible. Wipe down the shelves and replace things neatly so that finding everything is easy and saves time. Get a head start on your grocery list while you’re at it, by making notes on things that you are out of or had to throw away.

After everything, clean the kitchen floor. Mop or vacuum as necessary. Decorate your kitchen with some fresh flowers or potted herbs. You will enjoy this freshness of the kitchen throughout the year till your next cleaning routine. However don’t forget to maintain your kitchen with daily cleaning.

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