Terrarium is easy to make DIY tabletop gardens that you can use for your interior decoration of the home. When you have the right material list for the DIY mini tabletop garden, then it only needs few minutes to create this beautiful terrarium!

Such a terrarium will sure improve the look of your home.

Suitable Plants for a terrarium

What are the suitable plants for a terrarium?

How to make a terrarium

Best plants for a terrarium are plants that are small enough for growing inside a glass vessel. Usually succulents are in top of the terrarium plants. Other than small size, these plants also should have ability to grow with humidity.

Other than succulents, Spider Fern, watermelon Peperomia, Silver Nerve Plant and Air Plants are also popular as suitable plants for terrarium.You can even use cactus plants for your terrarium.But,be sure to choose indoor cacti and mini cactus for beautiful terrarium.Do you know how to care for cactus plants?Our cacti care guide will help you!

Here is how to make a terrarium in easy steps.

Things you need:

Glass Vessel

Small Stones or Pebbles

Activated Charcoal

Potting Soil


Small Gardening Tools

Here is how to make the terrarium.

How to make a terrarium

  • First, you need to Cover the bottom of terrarium (glass vessel) with a 1 ½ inch-thick layer of small stones or pebbles. This layer of small pebbles will provide drainage for your terrarium.
  • Now, add a   thin layer of activated charcoal on top of pebbles layer. The activated charcoal will help water to keep fresh .It will also   fight with any bacterial growth inside the   terrarium.
  • After the charcoal layer, add a layer of potting soil.
  • Now it’s time to add your plants inside the terrarium. Start this by planting the largest plant first. Arrange plants in a beautiful array.
  • Now your terrarium is done. It is time to take good care of your mini garden.

How to make a terrarium

How to take care of a terrarium?

Below are the things to do in order to take care of the terrarium in good condition.

Lightly water the base of your terrarium in every 2 weeks.

Keep your terrarium in an area that receives bright sunlight. By doing so, you will provide sunlight for your plants which is essential for healthy growth.

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