Are you looking for decorating your home with beautiful lighting? If so you will sure in doubt of selecting the best light options for your home. But, I am sure after reading this post; you will get some idea of decorative lights and lamps which can create your home into a comfortable space which gives calm and cozy environment. What is that secret? Yes, I want to introduce some beautiful pieces of decorative lights from Thai crafts. These floor lamps, pendant lighting, chandelier lighting and other lights are products of Maison Craft which can truly improve elegance and aesthetic appearance of your home.

Why the products of Home of the modern Thai craft are so special?

Maison Craft - Home of the modern Thai craft

The collection of decorative lights from Maison Craft includes floor lamps, table light, bedside lamps, Pendant lighting, Chandelier lighting, LED lamps, rustic floor lamps and modern light which are suitable for decorating whole home while creating the space with a touch of Thai decorations! This collection of Thai crafts has been collaborated with Thai craftsmen who are skillful on creating bamboo baskets. With bamboo weaving techniques you can expect to receive modern lights which are truly inspiring and improving the aesthetic appearance of your home.

Have a look into the collection of this modern Thai craft. You will be surprised with the craftsmanship of unique Thai products which features the weaving skills of Thai folks. By using natural materials such as bamboo, jute, sedge, and cotton; the entire lighting collection is not only suitable for decorating your home, but also to add the Thai craftsmanship for your interior appearance!


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