Garden blowers are a popular tool among home owners because they are both convenient and easy to use. They are also an essential piece of equipment for many professional contractors across landscaping and construction. While it might seem like a low risk activity, are you aware of the safety precautions to follow when you use a garden blower? Do you know that there are respiratory risks associated with leaf blowers and the airborne dust they create? This article talks about the potential hazards associated with garden blowers, and how you can prevent such issues with simple Personal Protective Equipment like respirator masks.

N95 mask when using a garden blower

Health Hazards due to use of garden blower

While garden blowers or leaf blowers are extremely helpful. They can be used to clean a property easily and within a really short period of time but it does come with potential hazards to your health. But you might be wondering what these hazards are?

While it is pretty obvious, you may not have stopped to think about the airborne dust that a leaf blower generates. You may not have even considered that when you use it, you can be exposing your lungs to a large amount of airborne particles.

This is why you need to take care while using your garden blower. Stop a moment, kit up, to protect yourself from the risk of respiratory issues!

To prevent serious lung injuries, there are a few simple but necessary health and safety measures. One of the easiest and simple ways to prevent airborne dust is by using proper disposable respirator masks. Read on as we explain about why these are the best face masks to wear.

Role of N95 mask when using a garden blower

You know that wearing a face mask helps protect you from airborne dust that comes from using your garden blower. But not any old mask will do! It really needs to be a respirator mask.

A P1 or P2 respirator (also known as a N95 mask), is a piece of personal protective equipment perfectly suitable for preventing you against industrial dusts, fumes and even toxicity mists. They are a disposable safety device that helps to prevent you from breathing hazardous particles. Usually N95 masks are designed to filter at least 95% of dust and airborne contaminants in the air.

A particulate respirator like these P2 and N95 face masks can easily be purchased in most tool shops and hardware stores like Bunnings. We even found that tool shops like Paragon Tools sell their PPE online. Look at their site to check out the different types and shapes of P2 / N95 respirators that are available.

N95 mask when using a garden blower

Things to know when you use N95 masks

When using garden blower, before you use N95 mask, you need to make sure you learn how to properly wear it. If you don’t get the right fit, then you could still breath in particles despite wearing the mask.

The N95 mask should cover your nose and mouth when you wear it properly. Don’t forget to use the both straps – with one positioned at the top of your head and the other around the base of your head. This will help achieve the proper fit, and to stop air from leaking.

You also need to know when to dispose of your N95 mask. If you are a contractor or use garden blower for a longer period of time, then when it gets dirty it will be harder to breath. Usually this happens when the N95 mask is clogged. When this occurs be sure to throw your mask and wear a new one. Also remember that N95 masks are disposable, and you cannot clean it, or disinfect it.

If you are an employer, it is also important to provide N95 masks to your employees if you are engaged in contracts that are associated with cleaning leaves and debris with garden blowers. As an employer you need to inform yourself on what your obligations are.  Check here to learn more about Personal Protective Equipment and employer responsibilities.

I hope know are aware that you need to take precautions when using your garden blower. It is important to protecting yourself with a P1, P2 or N95 respirator mask and not just any old dust mask. After all your health and safety is your most important asset and it is important to keep this in mind. So next time you are out in the garden, pop on your mask, enjoy the great outdoors and clean up around the home the safe way.

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