Plantar fasciitis can be due to many reasons. However playing tennis can be one of the reasons. If you play tennis and if you also suffer with heel pain then there can be a connection in between your heel pain and tennis play.

 How to prevent Heel Pain due to Tennis playing?

Why Tennis athletes are suffering from Heel pain?

If you have this doubt in mind, then here are some details to explain why heel pain is common among the tennis players.

The unique nature of tennis game provides more opportunities for having heel pain than other games. Lack of stretching, playing high number of game sets continuously can be the reasons. At the same time as you play many sets of games in a short period of time, you also need to consider the shoes. Wearing improper tennis shoes can also cause you heel pain.

How to prevent heel pain while playing tennis?

There are many ways you can avoid the heel pain as a tennis player. However with any treatment you also need to use proper tennis shoes that prevent heel pain. If you wear improper shoes while playing that will only worsen the condition. To get more idea on how to select the best tennis shoes that prevent heel pain check these tennis shoes for heel pain before you buy. So you will have some idea and how to select the best tennis shoes for you.

Other than using proper tennis shoes, you can also contact a doctor and get professional advice. With proper treatment it is always easy to cure or control the heel pain!


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