Are you thinking of doing a bit of a makeover to your interiors, or maybe change the colour theme a little? You can start with getting new curtains, one of the best hacks of interior designing. Curtains are affordable, offer a lot of diverse design options and are easy to change – allowing for a lot of experimentation.

Here are some basic things you should know before you want to buy a new set of drapes or curtains.

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What are the different curtain materials?

Light-toned silk sheers are a good addition to your drapery collection. Since they are rather difficult to maintain, these can be set up for special occasions, to give your home decor that luxe finish.

Polyester fabrics are the most popular for curtains. Easy to maintain and wrinkle-free, polyester curtains can come in many designs and colours, making them a versatile choice. They are however not a safe bet for kitchen areas, or windows near a fireplace, as polyester catches fire very easily.

According to the experts at Cover Your Windows, Cotton fabrics also make good curtains. Calico is one of the common types of fabrics, usually featuring small prints on a coloured background. Canvas is a cotton fabric with a stronger weave, providing a tailored, heavy finish, ideal for casual spaces. Gingham is another popular cotton fabric for curtains. It usually comes in a plaid pattern.

Linen fabrics are strong and have more gloss than cotton, and they are more resistant to sunlight. Compared to cotton, linen has an added texture which many interior designers consider its main attraction. However, linen also wrinkles easily and is more difficult to maintain than polyester or cotton.

Velvet is considered one of the best choices for insulation. With the onset of winter, velvet curtains in your bedroom will create a cosy setting. Choosing the right curtain fabrics for insulation also helps you lower your power bills by a fraction at least. The lustre and finish of velvet make it aesthetically very pleasing.

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Understanding Thread Count

Thread count is one of the main ways to determine the quality of the curtain fabric you choose. It is the total number of vertical and horizontal threads per inch of the fabric. The higher the thread count, the finer the finishing.

Rods and Rings

Keep an eye on your curtain hardware. If you are using rings to hang your curtains then the rod will be quite visible. Choose curtain rods with good finishing or ornate elements to add to your room’s decor. Rings also should not clash with the colour or tone of your curtains.

Cleaning and maintaining curtains require a certain degree of attention, especially if you have invested in expensive fabrics like silk. Find tips to clean and maintain your curtain fabrics in this blog.

Curtains can elevate your room in many ways, from adding depth and changing the lighting according to the amount of sunlight entering the room, to complimenting the interior colour theme that you have chosen for the furniture and bedding. Curtain shopping has endless possibilities. Play with the different combinations of fabrics and patterns, and find perfect designs for the home.

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