A perfect dining table design would be one that can accommodate a large number of people, without being cumbersome to negotiate when the party is more intimate. This is where extendable designs are really effective. The Astor Dining Table by Modloft is a celebrated piece of home furniture that combines simple yet effective ingenuity with uncompromised, sharp and clean aesthetics.

A Table for All Occasions – The Shapeshifter

Space Saving Mechanism

In its contracted form, it is ideal for a meal for three of four. The expansion is made possible by a sliding mechanism that increases the length of the table, revealing a hidden centre leaf, which just needs to be aligned with the rest of the top. A good dining table should also offer depth, so you can enjoy putting out a good spread with everything from serving dishes and candles to wine bottles and centrepiece decor.

Design Options

When picking up an expandable table you might have a problem integrating it into your room decor, but with the Astor, the seamless and invisible mechanism makes the expansion feature your little secret. The T shape celebrates modernist designs that fit in perfectly well in a contemporary setting. The table can be the pivot to which you can add more complimenting decor. A clean-lined theme and well-planned proportions ensure that the table does not obstruct. You can also choose from a range of sophisticated finishes. The brown of the walnut finish is a timeless tone, adding traditional warmth to a modern design. The wenge finish is a dramatic shade that is closest to black while you can opt for a rustic touch with the gray oak. For those who look for a clean finish with some lustre, the modern-retro inspired white lacquer finish is a good choice.

A Table for All Occasions – The Shapeshifter

Convenience Delivered

Now that we have dissected the design elements of this sturdy table, the next concern that most furniture buyers have is durability. The advantage of the Astor is that it is made keeping regular households in mind, where you have pets and children. The matte polyurethane lacquer prevents staining of the furniture, thereby maintaining the original look.

It is always recommended that when you order a piece of furniture that needs to be assembled, you add the assembly service too. With the experts at the helm, your Astor will be put together promptly without any trial and error which can cause damage to the different parts.

When you are ordering for furniture online, always make sure a few things are in place. Be familiar with the measurements of the space where you intend to keep your new fixture. This will help you create a mental image of how it fits when you browse through an inventory. Sometimes moving the furniture through a doorway can be a problem that you have overlooked. Whether it is a solid or a modular piece, compare the dimensions shared to the space that your doorways allow.

The Astor dining table is a result of innovative designing keeping functionality in mind. You can learn more about this piece on https://www.moderndigsfurniture.com/modernfurnitureblog.html?article=Astor-Dining-Table.


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