Whether you’re planning on going abroad or you simply can’t hack the sweats of our British summer, you’ll need to figure out the best ways to stay cool during the (supposedly) hottest months of the year. Though our national climate can be quite ambiguous and unpredictable, you’ll need to be prepared for all occasions!

The Best ways to Cool Down this Summer

What are the best ways to keep yourself chilled during summer? Grab your aviators and water bottle, as we reel in the cool…


Whether its stocking up on ice cubes, or freezing your plastic water bottles, there’s no better way to stay cool than to constantly hydrate yourself. Not only is it great for your health to drink (the recommended daily amount of at least 2 litres) water but it’ll help to keep your body temperature consistent too. Switch soft drinks and coffees for filtered tap water instead, it’s a lot cheaper and your body will be reaping the benefits in no time!

Having frozen water bottles can also be used like ice packs if you’re really struggling to beat the heat! Holding it on your forehead can help you bring your high temperature back down and reduce inflammation or headaches. Nifty.


Air condoning units are actually a lot cheaper to run than some may think, and of course with ever advancing technology, they’re a lot more energy efficient too. With air con you can control your environments climate whether it be at work or in your home, using a remote control you can adjust the air flow, temperature and time the settings. Air con systems also help to reduce humidity in your home and enable noise reduction by you not having to crack open your doors and windows (which is also great news for those who suffer with hay fever!). Most modern units have silent operation and are a lot more aesthetically pleasing with sleek streamlined shapes and branding – making it easier for them to fit into your home!


Ensure you’re equipped to tackle the weather with your wardrobe! Always carry sunglasses to protect your eyes and enhance vision during bright ray-days (especially if you’re driving!), wear a hat and light coloured clothing – this will reflect the light away from your body, wearing black clothing will absorb the heat more which can lead to discomfort.

Wearing the right fabrics can help too. Cotton is breathable and other lightweight fabrics such as linen or cotton are ideal for the workplace.


Take comfort under the branches of a big tree, a parasol, tent, gazebo or even just appropriate head wear (pick a stylish fedora if you’re fashion savvy) – don’t expose yourself for too long under the heat of the sun. According to Algoma Public Health, “The cooling effect of a tree is equivalent to ten room-size air conditioners operating 20 hours per day.”


Don’t try and play the sun by not wearing tanning lotion… because the sun is 109 times the diameter of the earth, let alone YOU, therefore, the sun will always win. Keep covered and protect your skin from burning! Don’t be blinded by the idea of ‘turning brown’ or gaining a tan – you can still be sun kissed and safe.



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