Cleaning is one of the important activity to include in your daily routine of housekeeping. Although you can include simple cleaning steps such as dust removal from the surfaces and general cleaning for your daily routine, it is essential to do a well-planned round of cleaning each year. Most of the people use spring cleaning time to give the house a good look.

Cleaning Metal in Your Home

It’s about time to get involved in spring cleaning again. However, this year it is important that you think about the earth as well as your health when you begin cleaning your home. Many cleaning products available at the market, especially those designed for cleaning metal surfaces, include dangerous and harsh chemicals that are dangerous for your body and the earth. If you are looking for ways to naturally do your spring cleaning, here are some of the great tips for cleaning those metal surfaces throughout your home. Not only for spring cleaning, you can use these tips for cleaning metal throughout the year!

Cleaning Copper and Brass Metals

Cleaning Metal in Your Home

Just a bit of baking soda and lemon juice can help you clean anything you have made of copper and brass. Rub in the mixture and then polish it away. If there is heavy soil, you can use table salt and hot vinegar to soak the metal. As the shine appears, you can rinse the item out.

Cleaning Iron Cookware

Many people enjoy using iron cookware, and if this is the case and you notice they are looking a bit rusty and dirty, there are some natural ways that you can clean iron cookware. A bit of steel wool and a damp cloth can easily remove the problem. Use the damp cloth to rub down the iron, use the steel wool to do a bit of scrubbing, then rinse out the iron and dry it off. Once you’re done, take a small amount of vegetable oil, rub it in, and this will help you avoid any rust in the future.

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Cleaning Chrome

For any chrome accessory the kitchen, a pint of water and a tablespoon of ammonia will do the trick. Simply rub this mixture on the chrome and it will remove the dirt without need of any harsh chemicals.

Silver cleaning at home

Do you have silver but hate using chemicals on it? Take a pan, place some baking soda in it, and then simmer it. Put in a small piece of aluminium foil. Then you can dip in the silver item and then dry it and shine with a soft rag.

Above are some of the green cleaning solutions for metal surfaces, accessories and appliances at your home. Use such eco-friendly green solutions to clean metals in order to avoid or keep it minimum of use of chemical cleaners.

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