Are you thinking of having a garden wedding? If so, you are thinking of a wonderful wedding with the beauty of Mother Nature. Garden weddings or outdoor weddings are becoming more popular day by day and nowadays there are many beautiful outdoor wedding venues available.

If you own a beautiful and spacious garden or even if your friend or relative own a beautiful garden, it could be a perfect wedding venue for your garden wedding. Other than your own garden, there are many places which you can choose as your wedding venue. Most conservation areas, public parks, historical places and gardens are popular venues for a garden wedding.

So, if you plan to have your wedding in a park or in a beautiful home garden you need to arrange it perfectly to have beautiful memories. If so, here are few tips to consider when planning your garden wedding.

Consider the Noise level

If you plan your garden wedding at your home garden, noise will not be a problem. However if you plan your wedding in a public park where there is a children play ground nearby, it will affect your wedding ceremony. Truly it is not so romantic, if you both exchange your vows among the noise of a busy town or an active playground. Therefore, before deciding your garden venue for the wedding, pay a visit and listen carefully.



In a wedding, decorations play a major role, because if you do it right, then you will have a dreamy wedding venue. However, in a garden wedding, you are gifted with the beauty of Mother Nature. Natural beauty is around you. Just make sure to visit your garden venue if it is in a different location or have a careful view on the garden if you plan your wedding in your own home garden to make sure that garden is beautiful with flowers, grass and trees. If it is a cold season, then think of planning and arranging flowers and other decorations. However, always keep an eye to maintain the natural beauty of the place to make your garden wedding memorable.

Make your guests comfortable


You plan a garden wedding doesn’t mean that your guests need to spend whole day under hot sun. Consider the season that you are planning your wedding and plan accordingly the things you need to do to make it a comfortable place for your guests. If it is a hot season, then try to arrange drinks, water or other facilities which your guests can enjoy. At the same time think of rest rooms too.

Consider the Wedding Gown and other dresses

Till now, my tips are about making the place gorgeous and comfortable for your visitors. But, how about you and your bridesmaids? If you all feel uncomfortable on the wedding day, that is enough to make a disaster. So, if you are thinking of a garden wedding, think of your wedding gown styles and other wedding dresses too. When selecting your wedding gown, always keep in mind that you are going to have an outdoor wedding.

When selecting a wedding gown for your garden wedding, you need to pay attention to the comfort level. For that you can easily select a wedding gown which is made of a comfortable material. At the same time, don’t forget your wedding photography too. Although you need comfortable wedding gown for your garden wedding, consider a style which is more stylish and shows you like princes on your wedding day.

Do you like to have some idea on suitable wedding gowns for a garden wedding? Still not sure how to select a gorgeous wedding dress for your garden wedding? If so, have a look into these Wedding gowns suitable for garden weddings from bridal store Mississauga.I found a beautiful collection of wedding gowns in their collection. If you live in Mississauga, you can even visit this bridal store in Mississauga and check the entire wedding dresses collection.

This wedding gown is made of chiffon with a fully draped sweetheart bodice. With beaded spaghetti straps it makes comfortable and stylish on any bride who likes to have a simple yet elegant wedding gown for her outdoor wedding. Beading, rhinestones, and sequins embellishments are simply gorgeous.


Below is another wedding dress that is suitable for a garden wedding.

Tips-Garden-WeddingHere is another wedding gown which is simple,elegant and gives you both comfort and stylish look.This strapless gown is with embroidered lace applique to make it more gorgeous.

Tips-Garden-WeddingAbove are just some examples of wedding dresses for your garden wedding. Spend some time to select a matching wedding dress and also other dresses like bridesmaid dresses for your outdoor wedding, so that you will have a memorable and comfortable day. If you are not sure on selecting a dress, don’t worry. People at your bridal shop will help you to select a better wedding gown. So, don’t neglect their advice.

Other than these tips, remember to prepare for the weather. By having a tent or having enough umbrellas, you can avoid unacceptable rainy situations. Also you can offer sunscreen, water bottles etc for your guests if it is a very hot day. You can also seek help of a wedding planner to arrange your garden wedding.With above tips for a gorgeous Garden Wedding,I hope you will have an unforgettable wedding day!

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