To have a beautiful home is the dream of most people. And one of the most important rooms in a home is the living room. If you are thinking about ways to redesign it or simply make it look better by arranging a few things, then the following tips should help you with it.

6 Tips For Better Living Room Design And Layout


One of the first things to emphasize on is the colors of the living room. As far as possible, paint the walls in a neutral color. If you use too strong a color on the walls, then the living room atmosphere will be lost. Instead, use warm, neutral colors like white, beige, cream, and so on. This also allows the objects in the living room, whether it is the furniture, the artwork, the cabinets, etc. to stand out a bit more and make their presence felt.

Focal Point

A focal point refers to something that draws the attention of the people to itself. It can be an artwork on the walk, a firework, and anything else. And whatever you use as focal points, make sure that it does a good job of presenting the idea of the room very well.

Furniture Arrangement

Tips For Better Living Room Design And Layout

If you plan on getting a sofa and few chairs to the room, make sure that they will measure well with the room. Oversized furniture can completely damage the vibe of a room, making it lifeless and dull. If there are other furniture in the room, like cabinet and such, then remember to arrange them in a way that will allow for smooth navigation throughout the room. The best way to go about the arranging process is to try and push a few chairs and sofa here and there till you get to realize which arrangement will work well and which don’t.


Make sure that the flooring is comfortable and stylish. Even though tiles can make the flowing look good, a wooden flooring can give it a premium look like nothing else. As such, you should definitely try to replace the flooring with posh wooden flooring. Now, if you do not wish to spend too much, then you can lay out an attractive rug on the floor. This can have a dramatic effect, changing people’s perspective of the room from ‘okay’ to ‘beautiful’ in no time.

Dress Up The Windows

Tips For Better Living Room Design And Layout

Though many windows now use minimal window treatments, it is suggested that you dress up the living room windows very well. If possible, use draperies that hand from the top of the window frame, all the way to the floor. These generally give off a luxurious vibe. Just remember to pick the best fabric for the curtains.

Add Artwork

Always add artwork to the walls. But make sure that the artwork matches the overall theme of the room. So, if the living room has been designed in the modern style, then the artwork must also look modern. It is these little touches to create a modern living room design. Plus, also make sure that the size of the artwork is not too big.


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