1. The car I just bought has no tinting to its windows and I’m planning on fixing that. Thanks for the advice about checking guarantees and warranties so that you can be sure the tint will last a long time. I’ll also have to be carefully not to tint too dark as to not break the law.

  2. I appreciate your tips about checking warranties and looking into their work quality. Sometimes I feel uptight when I want to know these types of things, so it is good to know that this is actually suggested. Do you have any tips on what questions to ask a professional of this kind and how to communicate well? Thank you for a helpful article!

  3. Thank you for the tips! My office is planning on getting our windows tinted to reduce the glare and irritating hot sun. None of us know anything about commercial tint, so we have been looking for some tips and advice. We really appreciate your help, thank you.

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