When you are looking to buy lots of dresses without burning your pocket, then a visit to the thrift store is a must. These stores are known for their value-for-money items and you can be sure of buying whatever you want at the store without having to burn a hole in your pocket. Below, we look at six tips you should keep in mind when shopping at thrift stores:

6 Top Tips To Keep In Mind When Shopping For Clothes At Thrift Stores

Bring Your Bag

Some thrift stores won’t offer any cart or basket in which you can put in the dresses you wish to buy. As such, shopping can be incredibly difficult since you will have to hold the clothes in your hand. To avoid this, carry a bag with you when you visit the store. This will ensure that you have a smooth shopping experience.

Don’t Limit To Just A Single Section

Never limit yourself to just one section of the thrift store. Even though a section might be labeled as ‘men’s clothing’, it’s possible that a shelf or two might contain some great women’s clothes too. This usually happens when a customer takes a few clothes from one section and dumps them in a different section when they don’t wish to purchase it. So, at least give a quick glance at all the sections and you can avoid missing out on some great clothes.

Take Your Time

Shopping at a thrift store like Goodwill stores will probably take a lot of time. So, you should only visit them when you do have lots of free time. This will allow you to scan the store for all the various offers and find the best-priced clothes. If you visit the store when you are super busy, you might just do a quick shopping and lose out on some incredible deals.

6 Top Tips To Keep In Mind When Shopping For Clothes At Thrift Stores

Visit in Tight Clothes

You will likely be trying out numerous dresses while at the thrift store. As such, it is recommended that you visit the store while wearing tight clothes. This will make it easy for you to try out different clothes quickly. If you wear a loose dress, then trying the clothes can become a bit difficult and you will waste a lot of time doing so.

Get Info On New Merchandise

Always be friendly with the staff at the store and get info on when the new merchandise arrives. This will allow you to be at the store the day the new stock arrives, enabling you to pick the best of the lot at cheap prices. Otherwise, you might visit the store only a few days after the merchandise arrives. And by that time, all the best dresses would already have been sold off.

Inspect The Tag

Be sure to inspect the tags of the clothes. Since thrift stores usually get these dresses from different regions and time periods, the sizing of the dress might be different. Tags will usually contain the dates and region of origin of the clothes, which will enable you to judge whether the sizing will suit you or not.



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