Green cleaning solutions are the best way to protect both environment and your family members from harsh chemicals. To clean home and keep it clean, we have to use different solutions starting from bathrooms to kitchen countertops. However do you know that there are many green house cleaning ingredients already in our home? Or at least it is easy to buy when you spend few dollars? If you love good housekeeping then you will love to know such natural cleaning solutions too.

Top Green Cleaners

While spring cleaning is the time that your home undergo a lot of hard cleaning, these green cleaners are good for everyday use.

If you are ready to do your spring cleaning but not willing to expose your family to chemical cleaners then you’re not alone. As more and more people realize what really is in those cleaners, many are choosing to go with greener options. There are many green cleaning products available in the market competing with harsh chemicals. However, you don’t always have to purchase green cleaning products. There are some easy items you can find in your home that can be used as great green cleansers to get your spring cleaning done the natural way. Or make this natural cleaning solution and keep it as a multi-purpose cleaner to clean your home surfaces throughout the year.

Green Cleaner #1 – White Vinegar

Green Cleaners

Top Green Cleaner #1 – White Vinegar

You cannot ignore vinegar when it comes to green cleaning. White vinegar is another great green cleaner that can be found in your home. Vinegar is useful for helping to get rid of stains easily. it removes grease, deodorizes, and it is also great for cleaning any glass. You can also use it along with baking soda to help clean out any drains that are backing up. There are many ways to use vinegar as a cleaner for your home and it is green too!

Green Cleaner #2 – Baking Soda

Natural All-Purpose Cleaner
Top Green Cleaner #2 – Baking Soda

Yes, I am telling about baking soda and this is not about any cooking or baking with baking soda. Believe it or not, simple baking soda can come in handy throughout your home for spring cleaning. It is a great substitute for many of those chemical laden cleaners. Baking soda works as a slightly abrasive cleaner and it is also a deodorizer.

You can use it on the stove, in sinks, on counters, and more to help clean away grime.Baking soda will definitely help you on your kitchen cleaning routine.

How to use baking soda to clean your surfaces at home?

Make a paste with baking soda and vinegar. Use this on kitchen tops or in kitchen sink. Slightly rub and clean with water.

Put 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda to a cup and keep it inside the fridge. This will work as a deodorizer and you will get rid of the Odour inside the fridge.

Sprinkle on the carpet and allow it to stand for a while and then vacuum to eliminate odors in the carpet.

Green Cleaner #3 – Hydrogen Peroxide

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May be you haven’t heard of Hydrogen Peroxide as a green cleaner for your home.

You can find This ingredient from your home, but you may never have thought about using it for your spring cleaning. Hydrogen Peroxide bleaches. Hydrogen Peroxide can disinfect, and also helps to sanitize things.

How to use Hydrogen Peroxide as a green cleaner for your home?

Well, this is my best cleaner to remove the blood patches from blankets or bed sheets. If you accidentally have any blood patch on a clothing, sprinkle some Hydrogen Peroxide and rub well. It will magically vanish the blood patch. If the blood patch is quite old, add more Hydrogen Peroxide and do this few times. Then wash the cloth with cold water. Dry under the sun is best to completely remove the blood stain.

There are many other ways to use Hydrogen Peroxide as a green cleaner for your home.

Shower walls and the counters can be wiped down with peroxide. Let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse away. You can mix some peroxide with a bit of cream of tartar to help you remove rings on the tub. Make a paste, apply to the ring, and then allow it to dry. Once it is dry, then use warm water to wash it off.

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