Gone are the days when your fur coat was set apart for important or special events. A wide range of designs and styles that are incredible are seen in the present day fur trends. You can opt for a sporty, eclectic, casual, retro, or granny style by pairing your fur coat with the right kind of outfit and shoes. Providing extra care would keep your natural and synthetic fur coat looking its best.

There are different ways by which you can maximize the life of your fur coat. Lack of proper conditioning and facilities for storage for furs can cause it dry out within no time. The right amount of temperature with the right amount of humidity is required while storing your fur outfit (Humidity=50% and Temperature= around 50 degrees F). What are some of the ways by which you can take care of your fur coat?

A Well-Cleaned Fur Coat

Cleaning your fur coat

  • If your coat gets drenched in rain, take it to a fur cleaner (furrier) quickly to get it dried.
  • You can shake your coat to remove a little bit of snow and water and dry it out in a room that is properly ventilated.
  • Fur cannot stand the heat so make sure you do not use clothes dryer or hair drier or even direct sunlight while cleaning fur coats.
  • Do not use a hairbrush or comb to fluff your fur coat. Use your hands to brush it.
  • Make sure you take the coat to a professional fur cleaner once a year to remove dirt, odors, pollutants, and dust. This will give a glaze to your fur coat and make it much softer.
  • Do not take your fur coat to a dry cleaner.

Tips for daily care for fur coats

  • Your fur coat requires proper circulation of air to prevent it from drying out and getting damaged so avoid storing it in a clothes bag.
  • Wearing a stole or shawl around your neck can prevent your coat from being stained by your make-up and dirt.
  • Do not use perfumes or deodorants while wearing your fur coat as the ingredients could damage your coat.
  • Do not wear a shoulder bag while using a fur coat as that could damage the fur.
  • Don’t forget to remove jewelry that you have pinned to your coat to avoid the fur from being matted.

How to store your fur coat?

  • Direct heat can destroy your fur coat so avoid it.
  • A professional storage facility uses the right amount of temperature and humidity to store your fur coat and this protects your coat from fading or getting damaged. This also protects your fur coat from destructive insects and pests.
  • Do not use a cedar chest or closet to store your fur coat as that could damage your fur coat. Store your coat in a dark and cool space available at home.

You cannot expect an outfit made of fur to last forever as it is an organic material. However, with proper care and storage facilities, your fur coat can last for generations.

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