When you have possession as prized as a vintage fur coat, it is understandable to panic at the slightest hint of a stain on it. Let’s not even go into damages like loosened pelts, broken buttons, rusted holes, rips, or dying fur. For the millions spent on an exquisite piece of fur clothing, it’d be a nightmare to see it withering right in front of your eyes. Thank God for the professionals who are expert at prolonging the longevity of real fur clothing!

Fur Coat Restoration Store

The fur coat restoration stores take care of all your woes when it comes to repairing your precious fur coat. While some might be tempted to work out a DIY solution at home, the sharp-headed ones waste no time in rushing to the nearest furrier. Below are 4 reasons why you should visit a restoration store:

  1. Repair: The chances are high that your fur baby may go through a little phase of rip and tear despite all your care. The assembled pieces of pelts might loosen over time. The hooks or buttons on your fur coat might fall out. And under a worse scenario, the brooch pin that you had pushed into the pelt might leave a rusted hole. In either of these conditions, instead of experimenting with a restoration effort at home, take your fur coat immediately to your nearest furrier.
  2. Restyle: A good furrier can transform the most nervous sweating damages into unbelievable restyles. Even if it hasn’t undergone depreciation, you can opt to give the fur coat a complete makeover. A thing as expensive as fur ought to lend value with its versatility as well. A good furrier doesn’t only restore a damaged coat, but can also change it into something new. Fur restyling ranges right from damage camouflaging, to making subdued alterations, to drastic transformation. For example, a furrier can convert a fur coat into a fur collar, hood, headband, scarf, or a luxurious fur blanket.A Well-Cleaned Fur Coat
  3. Clean: This can be tricky. A lot of time, the fur coat may look clean even after wearing it through the winters. You may look at the coat and be secretly pleased with yourself for managing to keep it clean throughout the season. But, you might well be deceived. Your fur coat can pick up dirt, dust, salt, and odors without your notice. These foreign particles can rob the fur of its natural oils. This can further lead to the premature aging, withering, and lifelessness of your expensive fur. Before these disastrous probabilities turn into reality, take your fur coat to a fur restoration store. Experts recommend fur cleaning once a year.
  4.  Storage: A real fur is as precious an investment as a piece of property. You cannot afford to leave it just like that to invite usurpers and damages. Save your real fur coat from heat, humidity, and moths by storing them in the safe cold vaults of a fur restoration store. You can always pick it up from the store whenever you want.

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