Having a beautiful garden is a treasure for any home because a garden adds the beauty and value for the property. Other than that, a beautiful garden always makes a comfortable and cozy space to live in relax and peaceful mind. A water pond is a great addition to any garden and water lilies will make the pond more attractive.

To ease you to select water lilies for your water garden or water pond, here are some of the best water lilies which can make your garden a wonderful place!

Best Water Lilies for your Garden

Colossea Waterlily

Light scented flowers are the reason to choose this beautiful Colossea Waterlily for your garden as it will be an amazing addition for your garden.Sure these lilies will make you smiling!

Wanvisa Water Lily

Wanvisa Water Lily is a popular garden lily and it is popular for its stunning flowers. With changeable coloured flowers, Wanvisa Water Lily was also voted as the best new Water Lily in 2010. Flowering time for this variety is June to September.

Attraction Water lily

Image credits: http://best4garden.co.uk/

This is another popular water lily which can create beautiful water garden. With colourful flowers and fragrance they emit, Attraction Water lilies are popular among the gardeners as these flower plants are best to create a cheerful space.

There are many other different varieties available for any water garden.I found a good collection of beautiful water lilies at best4garden.co.uk.Have a look.You’ll like this collection too.

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