How to Clean Your Living Room?I am sure you are wondering about some tips for keeping your living room clean and neat.Yes,decluttering living room is important to keep your living room organized and clean. However if there are no any interior decoration or if there are no any positive look in the living room, it cannot be a happy place to spend time.

Although you are more than ready to give your living room a thorough cleaning here are some details on how to energize living room to make it a happy place to live.  Getting rid of the clutter will breathe new energy into your living room and your life!

How to Clean Your Living Room

How to Clean Your Living Room?Here are some tips.

First you need to declutter your living room. After decluttering, start cleaning it. Remove all the dust accumulated. Once everything finish, decorate your living room with some

When you begin cleaning your living room, it’s easiest to start from the top of the room and work your way down. Start dusting the corners of the living room and the ceiling. Then Check the walls and baseboards and wipe them down or spot clean, as necessary. Don’t forget to clean the switch plates, door, and doorknobs and remove the fingerprints off.

Next, clean the ceiling fan and the covers to any overhead lights. You might be surprised at the piles of dust on your fan blade tops and the collection of dead insects in your light shades. Give a thorough cleaning to fan blades and ceiling lights removing all the dust and dead insects. While you have the stepstool, clean any air vents that are up on the wall and take down the curtains or window treatments and clean them.

How to Clean Your Living Room

Clean your windows both inside and out. Make sure to rinse the screens. Clean the window grills using a wet cloth. You can use a vacuum with a small attachment to get the dirt and dust out of the crevices of the windowsill. Leave the windows open and let the fresh air in. This fresh air be your motivator.

Additionally, if your windows need any repair, consider planning on how to do window repair or how to replace your windows. You can do this later. But keep in mind as window repairs on time allows you to keep your home in good condition.

Now it is time to clean off the entertainment center or whatever houses your electronics equipment. This is the place your all family members gathers daily. Therefore chances are that this place can be untidy easily. Although you need to clean this entertainment area daily, here is how to clean the place thoroughly during your hard cleaning route or spring cleaning or during yearly cleaning route.

Unplug everything and clean off any dust, drips, or spills. Remember to never spray cleaner directly onto anything electronic or electrical.

How to Clean Your Living Room

Here is how to clean electrical or electrical items.

Spray your cleaner onto a cloth and just wipe down. If the cleaner needs to dilute in water, do it before you start cleaning. You can buy all purpose cleaner for your home as it is easy to use one cleaner for multi-purpose. Otherwise a natural all-purpose cleaner is fine too.

Don’t forget to pick things up and dust underneath. Untangle the jumble of cords and make sure none have signs of melting or fraying

It is time to clean the wall hangers and decorative pieces in the living room. Dust all the table lamps, souvenirs and other decorative pieces, including mirrors, art, pictures and wall hangers if any.   Again, don’t forget not to spray cleaner directly on to the objects. Just use the spray on a cloth rather than spraying directly onto the surfaces of your pictures and artwork. This is to prevent liquid from seeping through onto your treasured photos and art.

Okay, now we are in the halfway of cleaning the living room. It is time to clean all the surfaces including tabletops. Wipe off the tabletops and shelving, making sure to move everything and clean underneath. A vacuum attachment can be used to get the hard to reach corners. For shelving units, the top down approach comes into play again, so that any dust that falls will be wiped up on the next shelf.

We completed cleaning the surfaces and tabletops. Now it is time for a treasure hunt! Take all the cushions and pillows off the couches and chairs and see what has fallen through the cracks. You never know what mysteries the crevices of the couch may hold. Grab the vacuum and use a smaller attachment to get all the dirt and crumbs from the cracks and creases.

Now clean the upholstery, cushions, and throw pillow of your couch and chairs, if necessary. Sort the items that need a wash, small mending or some new look. Throw anything that is machine washable in the washer. Don’t forget to wash as per the instructions. Use a spot cleaner on the fabrics that it is safe for the material. Otherwise use an attachment on a carpet steamer if you find the entire surface needs attention. Give a good cleaning to your couch, sofa, chairs and anything with upholstery.

Believe it or not, you are already in the home stretch for the living room. All that is left is to clean the floors and put things back together. If your floor is tiled, then it is easy to mop the floor using disinfection floor cleaner.

Before mopping the floor, grab all of the floor mats and throw rugs. Remove any dust accumulated. Clean them thoroughly in the best suitable way. Shake them out, rinse them off, or launder them, as necessary. Consider having a professional to clean the larger, more delicate area rugs.

If your room is carpeted, vacuum the room thoroughly when you vacuum the living room, move the furniture to get under and behind everything. In this way you will ensure a proper cleaning. If your carpet is in really bad shape, you can consider steam cleaning it. Buy or rent a steam cleaner and clean the dirt from the ground or out of the carpet.

If you floor is hardwood or tile then sweep up the loose dirt first. Then use a vacuum on the bare floors setting, moving the furniture as you go. Mop or polish the floor with an appropriate cleaning solution and let it dry or wipe it down with a towel.

Once the living room floor has completely dried, you can put the couches back together and re-hang the window treatments. Arrange your furniture in proper place or consider rearranging the furniture in order to have a new look. Take a look around and rearrange any of your knickknacks that seem to be out of place. If you like keeping indoor plants inside home, try some new fresh plants. You can even make a terrarium to your newly arranged and cleaned living room.

Light a couple of scented candles that emits attractive light scents. Take a seat on the nice, clean couch. Enjoy relaxing in your fresh, clean living area.

Although it is not easy to clean your living room like this daily, it is a must to give your living room a hard cleaning once or twice a year.

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